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It is well known how hard to keep up with the cost of keeping the stores open. Unlike many of our competitors, we keep different ranges for the stores so that they can provide their customer's many products that only rug stores have. A lot of people still want to buy their rugs from the stores by touching and feeling them. The store only products, in general, are of higher quality than what’s available at the online stores. This gives an edge of the competitive advantage to our physical store customers. They get the protection that they need to compete with generally cheaper and fewer quality rugs sold online. Our ranges and assurances to our physical store customers;

· The products are store only    · It is high quality and the latest fashion

· Price competitive ·                 ·Friendly customer service

Online retailers must have access to very, very wide collections and different type of rugs to get their customers’ attention. Having this realised, we import different ranges are suitable to satisfy the needs of online stores. Needless to say, that online stores are gaining more attraction from consumers year by year because of the easiness of the purchase. We support online stores by;

· Finding and importing the most popular ranging within the targeted price range.

 · Providing quality photos and lifestyle shots,       · Competitive pricing structure

 · 24-48 hours despatch time                               · Friendly customer service

Both customer groups have the same aim: helping clients with beautifying their home for their happiness. We have carved this reality into our soul and made it our company’s slogan. We find and import products into Australia your needs as our motto; the rugs that turn the houses into homes. We do that by bringing the value-added products in a very affordable price range by the Australian public.