About Brand Ventures

The early 1990’s saw the establishment of what was to become Brand Ventures today. Currently comprising of Phrear Rugs, Love That and My Car, Brand Ventures is one of the largest and most experienced rug distribution centre and rug suppliers in Australia. From humble beginnings to a central base 20,000sqm warehouse says many things- the prosperity to strive for only the best, quality in efficiency, and dynamic distribution..

Having the 20,000sqm capacity that we do comes with responsibility to always deliver, which is exactly what we aim for and achieve. Every year Brand Ventures brings in new stock to conform to the market’s needs. Therefore, we are importing in excess amount of over 500 containers annually. With our 3000 and ever expanding client base, inexperience is not an option, we have fully formulated and state of the art nationwide and international distribution networks to cater to the continuously extensive clientele demand.

 It is difficult to walk into a rug retailer or search for rugs online without stumbling upon a range from Brand Ventures, our operations and schematics are continuously broadened to accommodate for the ongoing expansion Brand Ventures foresees and faces year-to-year.

 Our warehouse is the central gear to all of our operations, with one of the most efficient systems, recognised within the industry and outside of the industry. Storing close to one million units of stock ready to be dispatched daily, our well-staffed warehouse utilise our refined picking system, minimising the rate of errors. Our methodical approach highly benefits not only us but you as the client as well, due to swift picking and dispatching, meaning your product(s) are received in no time at all!

In order to remain ahead of the curve, we have at our disposal a team of in-house designers to keep our ranges fresh and new, individually brilliant but once assembled work wonders. All wonders are displayed in our headquarter showroom, staple ranges and new ranges all available for viewing in person and neatly allocated racks.The showroom consists of display suites complete with coffee tables, lounges and various décor pieces to give clients an example of a room fit-out to bring our most popular ranges to life!

Every business runs like clockwork, every minor and major cog working together to get the hands moving. This is the manner in which we aim to operate. Every aspect of our facilities is integral to our success.

Our B2B website and professionally designed catalogues are constantly updated with the most recent images of the newest ranges, thanks to our in-house photography studio boasting high-tech photography equipment to make sure we capture every detail of each subject so that level of effort is translated into the images for the clients to peruse and confidently order stock. The photography team ensures brand new products are available to our clients as close to real-time as it gets!

With Brand Ventures’ immense buying power due to size, distribution and scale, we have sole exclusivity to import from Merinos, who are the single largest rug manufacturer in the industry. We also partner closely with the leading brands and manufacturers worldwide, to ensure our client base is directly supplied with the hottest, market-trending and leading designs.

Our exclusive licensing of Disney, Marvel, Espirit and Pierre Cardin creates accessibility to an otherwise inaccessible market, this further demonstrates Brand Ventures’ dominance within the rug industry.

We pride ourselves in our precise logistics system which is completely catered towards the end client- you. These capabilities enable us to distribute nationwide throughout Australia, New-Zealand and Asia Pacific.

You can put your trust in us to provide you with only the best in up to date trends and qualities. 

The future of brand ventures

 Having only expanded further, there is no slowing down for us. We aim to remain the most efficient and reliable within the industry.

The recent move into our new premises enables us to import additional ranges to expand on our core ranges and introduce fresh new collections for the demanding Australian market.

Our strong values and goals will only be broadened upon as we head forward, with many additional team members on board to ensure our targets are achieved. These additions are purely brought on to ensure peak performance and quality is passed onto our clients. Brand Ventures is essentially a close-knit family aiming to flourish constantly by working together and loving what we do.